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The Lure of Cheating for Athletes

athlete-jumpBeing married to a professional athlete may sound like a luxurious fantasy. A life filled with the perks associated with fame and financial freedom.

However, those perks don’t come without a share of unfortunate circumstances. Athletes frequently travel; leaving their girlfriends, wives and/or family behind for long periods of time. As a result, significant daily responsibilities are laid at the feet of those women, who during the season, seemingly run single-parent households.

Furthermore, with a limited amount of quality-time created by a fast-paced traveling schedule, infidelity can creep into the picture.

While no one is suggesting that all athletes are a morally corrupt group of men; the in one city tonight and another tomorrow can build the ideal network for a series of one-night stands, if desired. Over the course of time this can evolve into a different relationship in every city. These situations are only antagonized by the fraternity atmosphere which can develop among teammates, whom during the season become a tightly-knit traveling family.

The lack of quality family time and the instigation of other males may leave an athlete vulnerable, opening the window of cheating. In some ways, the road is a stark challenge that truly tests an athlete’s level of commitment to their significant other. Women often drawn by the lure of being with someone famous and/or wealthy may temporarily ignore or disregard their morals. This easy access or availability of women can simplify the proposition of cheating to an athlete. One’s wife isn’t there to satisfy your physical needs, she’ll never find out, so why not?

Couples can set up a protocol or series of checkpoints to insure fidelity. Women can travel with their husbands to a certain extent; however, the situation will present itself at some point. It is up to the couple to develop a framework of trust which endures throughout all situations and circumstances.

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