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The Money Matters

We may be told that it’s the  wrong idea to marry (or simply be in a relationship) for money; however, the fact remains that one’s financial standing plays a pivotal role in our daily lives. So, while income and savings may not be the primary criteria in deciding who one becomes involved with, it will undoubtedly be a factor.

Lets think about it for a moment. You won’t have to access to a prospective mate’s credit score, bank account statement, or credit card bill. However, we subconsciously or not take in account a variety of characteristics that shape or serve as predictive traits of an individual’s economic standing. What is his/her job? Is it a career or merely a job? Where does he/she live? What kind of vehicle does he/she drive? What kind of clothes are in their wardrobe?  Where did he/she go to school? These are all simple questions that only begin to shape a financial blueprint.

Why does this matter? Well the reality of matter is that money dictates significant portion of our lives, offering options across the board or conversely minimizing opportunities. For these reasons, financial circumstances are a common cause of stress or friction particularly within the context of a relationship especially when those in a committed longterm married or co-habitational scenario will share the burden of household expenses, groceries, rent, taxes, car payments etc.

Now take a step back and consider this; what if the person that you invest so much of your time and hard earned money into cheats? Most of us think of cheating as a physical act; however, what if your spouse is hiding or spending money behind your back? What else are she/she hiding and why? A private investigator may be able to fill in the holes in your cheque book.

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