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Untangle Alimony

alimony-money-1Divorce can cause a significant money crunch. You’re off on your own; you may need to find a new place to live,of course that place will need to be furnished, the lawyers you hire to handle the legal paperwork are a necessary component. However, their services can cost a pretty penny. While these changes are inevitable, they hit one’s bank account. Just when you think you’re starting to settle into your new state of existence, that monthly reminder of your recently departed marriage hits you and your cheque book hard.

Alimony or spousal support is aimed at aiding the transitional period after divorce. This makes sense on many levels given that any number of financial and career-oriented arrangements may have been agreed to before or while married. One shouldn’t be unapologetically thrown to the wolves because the other decides he/or she wants out. This scenario is further exemplified when innocent third parties i.e. children are thrown into the fray.

So, you may begrudgingly accept the quasi-burden of supporting your ex. After all, you’re still kind of in this together, adjusting to a new phase of being single; a couple apart. That’s until you find out that your former spouse isn’t exactly alone anymore. He/she is dating someone new. At first, while it’s difficult to wrap your mind around, you even grow to accept this new relationship, good for them,

But hold on a second, when you run into your former neighbors they ask you when your ex is getting hitched again. Their boyfriend basically lives there, you drive by and he’s mowing the lawn. Now, you start putting the pieces together. This new person, essentially your replacement is living in your house, helping with the chores and errands; but your still footing the bill.

If this situation resonates, you probably feel taken advantage of. Why should you still be paying, scraping by when they’re basically married? Contacting a private investigator that can provide proof of this change in circumstances, may be the action needed to untangle this web of cohabitation and misuse of alimony.

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