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Upgrading Communication with Technology?

Our relationship with technology is an interesting case study. In theory, as technology advances, society improves because tasks take less time and effort. That saved free time and energy can go to use on other things.

There are conflicting viewpoints in this regard. The first is that technology is replacing the value and satisfaction of hard work, which makes a solid case. The counterpoint is that things don’t have to be back-breaking or difficult all the time. The idea of work evolves as our society changes. The paste is out of the tube, and there’s no going back, so you might as well brush your teeth.

How does technology affect your relationships?

Let’s think of cellphones. Before everyone had one in their pocket, you’d see your spouse before you went to work and then again when you got home. And that’s assuming you live together. If something was genuinely pressing, there might be a call made during the day, but even that would ring like a red alarm.

Now, you may text back and forth all day. These could be stress-relieving moments that help get you through the day, or they could feel like a perpetual needy eye in the sky continually checking in, monitoring your every move.

Like most things, moderation is probably the best approach. Maybe check in on your lunch break, but not on the hour. It’s nice to know that someone is thinking about you; however, it’s scary to think that you’re the only thing they’ve got on their mind.

The key to communicating is understanding the needs of each other. Find the proper balance so that you’re both comfortable and not overwhelmed by instant connectivity.

Does your spouse frequently fall off the technological grid at their convenience and offer little to no explanation? Are you concerned that these lapses may hint at shady behavior?

We are here to help you fill in the blanks.

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