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We Find Cheaters, Even if We’re Not Looking for Them

These individuals were not the subjects of our investigation. While working on a cheating investigation in the NJ train station parking lot, these two individuals, unrelated to our case, arrived via their respective cars. They ended up both getting into the rear seat of the SUV and closing the doors.

A few minutes later, the SUV was bouncing up and down, and it was obvious what was happening inside.

Coincidentally, another woman returned to her car parked directly next to the SUV. That woman was shocked as she walked past the front of the SUV and looked into the windshield. She stopped dead in her tracks with her mouth wide open. She regained composure and got into her vehicle, and left the area.

A little bit later, the male exited the SUV and opened the rear of the SUV to retrieve clothing. He stood next to his open driver side door, dropped his shorts and underwear (briefly he stood there fully naked), put on a new pair of underwear, took a leak, and then continued to get dressed in a suit.

The woman exited the SUV, and they both departed the area.

Cheating happens around you more than you would imagine, all times of the day and in all locations. This guy probably went home to his girlfriend or wife pretending to be working all day.

If you suspect your partner of cheating, then hire a professional private investigator to obtain video or photographic proof.

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