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What to Expect for a Cheating Investigation

girl-looking-phoneWhen it comes to cheating, people just want to know the truth. But they often don’t consider the planning and effort that goes into obtaining it.

These are the things that are most often misunderstood by potential clients.

  • Don’t Go Cheap – We’re looking to gather information and evidence, with the goal of offering you answers and peace of mind. Through our experience with infidelity cases, we have a solid understanding of how, where and what to look for. However given the nature of surveillance, there is no specific timetable. Most companies will advertise that they will beat anyone’s prices.  This is not like shopping at your local department store.  In this industry you will truly get what you pay for.  Cheap companies will most certainly attempt following your significant other using only one investigator which will definitely result in your investigator being detected.  The premier agencies invest in better equipment, better vehicles, and always deploy multiple investigators; with that comes a higher cost.  So you need to ask yourself this simple question: Do I want to hire the cheapest company or do I want to hire the best company?  Cheap companies or those companies looking to negotiate their fees likely have a low demand for their services hence the desperate tactics.  Those companies usually engage what is referred to as a Bait and Switch.  They will start off with a low retainer knowing full right well that they are going to come back to you for more money once they have you on the hook.  Reputable companies will provide you with a realistic expectation of the final cost from the onset.
  • We Provide Evidence, But Not Always What You Expect – Our goal is to uncover something via video surveillance. But sometimes after due diligence, nothing is found. A client must be aware of this instead of expecting us to catch someone 100% of the time.  In other words we cannot make things materialize; we can simply document the truth whether it’s good or bad.  Having said that, when the signs of cheating are there, more often than not we confirm your suspicions.
  • Cases Take Time – Real life investigations aren’t like television, after all television is staged and/or edited. We hope to find the necessary information in a prompt, accurate and efficient manner. However, often times we need to gather a significant amount of data and evidence which doesn’t happen overnight. Patience is a valuable asset, particularly when it comes to getting results without getting caught.
  • Hidden Expenses – There is a lot that goes into a cheating investigation. Planning, time for multiple surveillance days, multiple investigators, tolls, gas, travel fees, drinks, reports, and a physical copy of the evidence gathered, etc. Rather than providing a low estimate that gets our foot in the door and then tacking on additional costs that could surprise and blindside you later on, we do our best to provide a level of transparency we all can be comfortable with.
  • We Are Here to Help You – Our goal is to help our clients by exploring their situations and ideally providing answers to your questions. Through our years of experience, we have gained confidence in our abilities to deliver results to you. We know what it takes to succeed and you shouldn’t settle for any less. General detectives will not have the same level of success or knowledge compared to a specialist who deals with only cheating and domestic investigations.

Being prepared for the job in front of you helps you to complete it. Our experience gives us a solid foundation of expectations and strategy that places us in a position to achieve our joint goals.

We always take the time, effort and care that your specific case deserves.

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