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What To Tell Your Child in the Middle of Divorce

private-investigator-New-Jersey-300x199Many parents struggle with how to tell their children about a divorce. This is not a conversation to take lightly, and as a parent you should take time to prepare. Keep in mind that your children will most likely ask you some difficult questions and will look to you for a sense of how to react. As private investigators in NJ, we have some insight on the matter.

  • Always Be Honest: Your children are entitled to know the truth behind your divorce, but no need to confuse them with a long-winded confession. Pick something simple, yet truthful.
  • “I Love You”: While it may seem like an obvious statement, reminding your children that your love for them has not changed is a impactful message.
  • Acknowledge Change: Be sure to tell your kids honestly that some things will be different from now own, while other things may not change at all. Tell them you will address the changes as you go along.
  • Avoid Blaming: Refrain from being critical of your spouse by presenting a united front and agreeing on an explanation ahead of time.
  • Plan Out Conversations: Talk with your children before any changes to living arrangements occur.
  • Be Respectful: Show restraint and try to be respectful of your spouse when giving reasons for the separation.

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