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When “Normal” Doesn’t Feel Right

Things appear to be returning to a level of normalcy. As a result, with the restrictions lifted throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, people will return to the office, to bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, etc. Professional and personal travel will increase. We’ll return to places that we’ve missed and venture to those we’ve never been. We’ll spend time with those we primarily communicated with via screens and meet others we couldn’t have imagined.

The point is a blend of getting back to the familiar and exploring the unknown. Couples that have quarantined together may find that after an abundance of time spent together, choosing to spend time apart reconnecting with friends and family is a temporary relief.

Doing things independently doesn’t have to create a sense of distance or insecurity. However, now that we have more options or choices, some people will explore and test them.

Your spouse might come home late, after a night of nostalgia with friends that they missed and love, and say that the time flew by and they forgot to call or text, and that could be true.

They may visit their family in a place with poor cell phone service, resulting in rarely communicating for an entire weekend. That could be an unfortunate technological difficulty.

Their work trip could be chaotic and inflexible as they slip off the grid. Your partner wanted to check in, but they were exhausted, and the timing wasn’t conducive to it.

In each of these circumstances, everything could be coincidental.

However, you know your partner the best. Your gut may tell you something else is going on.

The experienced private investigators at Magnum Investigations will work for you to provide clarity to those cloudy moments.

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