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When the Honeymoon is Over

It shouldn’t be surprising that the honeymoon phase applies or extends to extramarital affairs. At first, the thrill and anticipation of participating in a new, and in some ways forbidden, relationship is often invigorating.

However, over time these interactions often lose the steam of spontaneity, becoming the victim of routine.

The Honeymoon Phase

In the beginning, we tend to focus on the positive character traits of a new spouse, either ignoring or downplaying the unpleasant aspects of their actions or personality. That rose-tinted glasses approach coupled with the interview-like best impression mode can create a temporary alternative reality.

Reality Comes into Focus

The problems begin once the short-term fantasy shifts into a long-term reality. The focus zooms in, and all those little things you pretended not to notice or care about become clear. Not only can you no longer pretend these issues aren’t in your line of sight now, but they’re also all you can see.

Planning Short Getaways

The makeshift solution to this circumstance is creating another fantasy and breaking the spell of routine by taking a trip or vacation that offers a refreshing restart amid infidelity. Masked as a business trip, family visit, friends weekend, etc., an affair is often given additional luxuries such as freedom from visibility.

Nevertheless, this type of fix is often a fleeting one, a band-aid that delays and distracts rather than treats and corrects.

Are you concerned that your spouse’s recent travels weren’t really for business; instead for pleasure? Contact the trusted professionals at Magnum Investigations, and we’ll get to the truth.

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