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Why Some Investigators Can’t Compete With Magnum

Hiring the right private investigator can be a crucial choice that will influence the accuracy and strength of your case, specifically in a court of law. A quality private investigator will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be applied to your individual situation.

On the other hand, a part-time investigator can often do more harm than good if they don’t have the experience level to obtain the truth without getting caught.

Here’s a few reasons why the competition can’t match the services of Magnum Investigations.

Don’t have proper licensing

Although some states allow investigators to operate without a license, similar to any profession, it is important to make sure that the investigator one hires is properly qualified for the task at hand. Being licensed signifies that the state recognizes the investigator as a professional and helps to insure that the quality and validity of the work is up to par.

Don’t have experience in the courts

Experience matters, and our investigators understand how the law works. Understanding the proper approach to gathering evidence as well as which types of evidence are relevant/applicable play an important role in the outcome of the legal process. Likewise, an investigator that has experience as an expert witness in court will carry more weight than an unknown commodity whose testimony may be questioned on cross-examination.

Don’t set expectations with the client

Some investigators are so eager to drum up business that they will make grandiose claims. Others will give low estimates so that potential clients buy their services solely on price. However, the truth is that you get what you pay for.

Magnum will evaluate a potential client’s situation before taking the case on. In discussing the individual’s situation, it can be determined whether the client and investigator are a good fit, and Magnum develops a goal-oriented investigative strategy which ideally leads to positive outcome and uncovering the truth.

Magnum may be more expensive than other investigators. However, that price comes with the experience of knowing what it takes to get the job done. This job is a full-time endeavor and years of experience allow us to be selective in the cases we take on, insuring that the quality of work is never questioned.

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