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Why We Turn Clients Down

Cheating Private Investigator Expert in NJAs a potential client, you deserve an investigator that will be honest with you while assessing your unique situation during the initial consultation.

The purpose of the client/investigator relationship must be clear, and that is often times legally obtaining information which is relevant to the client, and helps him/her resolve an issue which he/she couldn’t resolve otherwise. In simple terms, our main goal in each case is to bring you the undisputed truth which you are unable to reveal without our professional assistance.

While money could be viewed as our primary goal, the reality is that we regularly have to turn down a potential client that is willing to pay — and here are a few reasons why we are happy to do just that.

Bad Match

There is a distinct advantage to specializing in only certain types of cases such as cheating/infidelity, child custody and alimony. It refines the tools, methods and procedures an investigator uses, specifically while capturing a subject via video surveillance.

In addition, this narrowing down process results in a smaller, more specific group of clients.  This ultimately means that we have a much deeper understanding of you and your situation than any of our competitors, because we’ve seen all the nuisances in these types of cases.

Rather than being a one-stop shop for all private investigation needs, we are specialists who only take on a handful of cases each month to assure each client is receiving superior communication and results.

Bad Morals

Often due to the poor, unrealistic images displayed through the entertainment industry, an investigator will receive inquiries from potential clients that are looking to bend or break the law.  Frankly, breaking the law isn’t a viable tactic or strategy for us because we respect it.  The same can’t be said about other private detectives who are only in the business for the money and will do almost anything for a dollar.

Minimal Return on Investment

Quality and expertise comes at a price. Due to our advanced methods, such as the use of a two-man surveillance team, you will find that our prices are higher than other private investigators.  In our experience, cost typically correlates with quality.

However in some cases, such as alimony, we may feel that the expense of the investigation will not be recovered in reduced alimony payments.  In an instance like this, we will provide you an honest assessment and bluntly tell you that you should not hire us.

Are We Right for You?

Rather than taking on cases which don’t fit our company, we will ask you several questions during the consultation to determine if we are the right match for each other.  We are very selective with the cases that we do accept and more often than not we will decline cases.

It would be easy to make claims that we could take on all cases regardless of context, and some agencies do just that to take advantage of people while they are vulnerable. However, we pride ourselves on our principles, honesty, and exceptional work ethics as for that is what has provided us longevity in a business where our competitors come and go.

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