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A photo of a cheating spouse captured by Magnum Investigations private investigator serving NJ and PA.

Cheating Spouse

Surveillance specialists trained to remain undetected.

If you hire a private investigator to catch your cheating spouse, you can’t afford for the investigator to get caught. Most other companies are one-man operations and generally get caught.

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Child Custody

A 92% success rate with child custody investigations.

The combination of Law Enforcement background, understanding of case law, Specialized Surveillance Skills, compassion and understanding of the emotions that the client is dealing with is a recipe for success that no other company has.

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Why pay your ex alimony if she/he is living with a new partner?

Those who invest in a Private Investigator for Alimony usually end up saving tens, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars with an Alimony Reduction or a Revocation as a result of our co-habitation investigations.

Magnum Investigations

Private investigator performing surveillance in a car

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We DO NOT discuss rates or investigations via email.

The owner of Magnum Investigations will personally speak with you before assigning a professionally trained in-house private investigator to handle your case needs.

IMPORTANT: There are many companies offering Investigative Services who are NOT Licensed Investigators and are therefore operating illegally. Therefore be careful and demand that the company provide you with their License Number and then verify it through New Jersey at (609) 633-9352 or New York at (212) 417-5800; in PA you must contact the Clerk of Courts in the County where the company claims to be located.

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I am writing this review to express my sincere gratitude to Chris for all that he did for me during one of the most stressful and painful times in my life.

His professionalism and guidance, at a time when I questioned myself, helped me to accept my ex-husband’s affair and then begin to move on with my life.

Because of Chris’ diligent surveillance, I have no doubt about the decisions I made afterwards. He provided me with irrefutable proof that strengthened my resolve. He even called to check in on me periodically afterwards.

At a time when I felt like my whole world was tumbling down around me, his concern was truly appreciated.

I highly recommend his services and while I hope never to need him again, I will be sure to call him if need be.

Thanks so much, Chris!

Michelle B.

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5 Tips When Hiring a Private Investigator

As the owner of a 15+ year old investigation agency, these are my 5 best tips for someone considering video surveillance.

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