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Cheating and Infidelity Investigations

Cheating Spouse & Infidelity Investigations

Our NJ/PA Detectives Get Video Proof They Cannot Deny

Magnum Investigations offers accurate & professional solutions pertaining to cases involving Cheating / Infidelity in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

You do not have to be married to hire our services; whether it is your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, or even your married lover, you are entitled to know the truth as to whether or not he/she is cheating on you.  Our agency can provide you with the answers to those questions that have been manifesting inside of you.


If you suspect that there is infidelity involved, there usually is.  Everyone is born with instinct, and if your “gut” is telling you that something is wrong, there probably is.  Give yourself the Peace of Mind that you deserve; good or bad, you deserve to know the truth.

Our investigations are strictly confidential and are conducted professionally and tactfully.

We make it our goal to obtain the sought out information is an inconspicuous manner.  It is important to know that documented cases of infidelity could assist you in a more positive divorce settlementPlease call for a free confidential consultation and learn more about our cheating spouse investigation services.

We utilize the latest technology in our surveillance services.  Not only do we customize the investigative strategy to meet your specific situation but we also utilize the specialized digital cameras and other state-of-the-art equipment to assist us in obtaining and documenting facts.

Regardless of an unsuccessful prior cheating spouse investigation attempt by another company, we are confident that we can successfully gather the evidence that the others could not.  Even in the most difficult of situations, we can innovatively provide a solution!

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Warning Signs of a Cheating Spouse:

  1. Partner suddenly begins working later.  Unaccountable time.
  2. Suddenly want to go out with “friends” or finds a new group of friends
  3. Suddenly cares about appearance (wears cologne/perfume, working-out, new clothes)
  4. Receiving hang-up phone calls
  5. Hides cell phone bills, keeps cell on vibrate or hides phone, guards phone
  6. Excessive texting, always seems to be checking the phone
  7. Accuses you of cheating or says “It’s in your imagination” or you are “sick & need help”
  8. No longer wears wedding ring.  He/she says “I lost it” or “It doesn’t fit”
  9. Lack of interest in intimacy and/or introduces new sexual behavior/positions
  10. Starts arguments just prior to leaving the house
  11. Excessive use of the computer- constantly checking email

IMPORTANT: There are many companies offering Investigative Services who are NOT Licensed Investigators and are therefore operating illegally. Therefore be careful and demand that the company provide you with their License Number and then verify it through New Jersey at (609) 633-9352 or New York at (212) 417-5800; in PA you must contact the Clerk of Courts in the County where the company claims to be located.

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