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5 Warning Signs of a Cheater

Warning Signs of Cheating SpouseDo you suspect that your spouse could be cheating? If your natural instinct makes you feel that you’re in a relationship with a cheater, below is a list of warning signs/indications that your suspicions might be valid.

Changes in behavior include:

  1. New found or rekindled interest in his/her appearance – You have observed that your spouse is going to the gym out of the blue, or working out much more frequently.  This may also be coupled with a change in their personal style, such as purchasing a new wardrobe or getting a new haircut.

  2. Keeps communication with others extremely private – When you enter the room and your spouse is on a phone call, he/she will abruptly end the conversation instead of speaking in front of you.  They also are likely to minimize your exposure to their computer/cell phone activities including text messaging, e-mail, social media usage and overall internet browsing.

  3. Seems to take a negative approach when spending time together/alone – Your spouse may appear sexually disinterested for a prolonged period.  During this time they will continuously start petty arguments and become highly critical of you, using the situation as an excuse to leave.  Cheaters are also known for flipping the script and turning your suspicions into accusations of wrongdoing on your part.

  4. The unknown or under explained – Do long periods of time go by when your spouse seems to fall off the grid by not responding to any of your phone calls or messages?  If that is the case, they are likely with someone you’ve never met, and they often attribute the lost time to an undetermined work schedule.  Many take advantage of these excuses by leaving early in the morning or staying out late at night to escape the house. You may also find they are leaving their wedding ring at home, without a good reason as to why.

  5. Finances/spending – Your spouse guards against you seeing or handling any bills.  They may have increased the amount of cash they normally carry, as to avoid a paper trail of any affair.

If your spouse exhibits any of the qualities/characteristics described above, and your gut suggests that he/she is cheating, you deserve an explanation. Hiring an experienced private investigator can help resolve your suspicions.

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