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Business Trip Surveillance

Business Trip Surveillance

Catch Your Cheating Spouse on Business Travel

Business Trip Surveillance Investigations NJA cheating spouse may grow weary of the hassle associated with covering up an extra-marital affair. While sneaking around with their partner in crime may bring a certain thrill that comes with the possibility of getting caught; the reality remains that continuously playing out a thread of lies and constantly looking over one’s shoulder gets old.  Suddenly spending an hour together is not enough and saying goodbye becomes more difficult each time.  Sooner than later they will want to spend quality and uninterrupted time together.

An alternative which cheaters often turn to is business trips or a short getaway disguised behind some truth.  He or she may truly be going somewhere for work, or need to visit a family member or friend that doesn’t but what you don’t realize is that they all too often mix business with pleasure.  They might travel together or separately but will rendezvous at their planned destination.  Your partner might really attend that business meeting during the day and even attend the business dinner but afterward your partner will be hitting the town and wining and dining his/her paramour; certainly, they will return to the same room even if they happened to book separate rooms.  He or she might even truly visit family but the boyfriend/girlfriend will be waiting at the hotel.   However, the key element is their ability to fall off the communication grid without being questioned. When they are away from home, it’s common that they will be difficult to reach, using meetings, poor cell phone reception, dinner with co-workers or an array of other excuses that offer little room for rebuttal.

While the purpose of your spouse’s trip may be sound, it’s what you don’t know and see that can cause the most damage. Away from the obstacles of their familiar confines, your spouse can discreetly meet up with their girlfriend/boyfriend or have a little too much fun out on the town. Furthermore, being far away the cheater can let his/her guard down, completely unafraid of running into family, friends or neighbors who would rat him/her out.  This lax attitude creates a scenario where a skilled private investigator, such as those at Magnum Investigations, can catch a cheater red-handed.

Business trip surveillance is incredibly effective when conducted correctly, because the target is much more likely to expose their lies in public, for example by kissing or showing affection while walking down the streets or in a restaurant.

There is no better situation to catch a Cheating Spouse than when he/she is on such a trip.  Allowing this opportunity to learn the truth slip by would be a huge mistake.  There is no better gauge to whether or not your partner is cheating then when there is great distance between you; if he/she is cheating then this would be the perfect opportunity that he/she could not resist.  If he/she does not cheat on such a trip then your suspicion of cheating is probably not accurate.  If you know of a trip they have scheduled, be proactive and use the opportunity to catch him/her unprotected, with their guard down.  It may be the only way to find out what’s really going on in your marriage, so let our seasoned professionals at Magnum Investigations be the link that does the dirty work to discover the truth for you.

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IMPORTANT: There are many companies offering Investigative Services who are NOT Licensed Investigators and are therefore operating illegally. Therefore be careful and demand that the company provide you with their License Number and then verify it through New Jersey at (609) 633-9352 or New York at (212) 417-5800; in PA you must contact the Clerk of Courts in the County where the company claims to be located.

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