Our testimonials highlight several successful cases at Magnum Investigations. Whether you need a private detective for a cheating/infidelity investigation or you want peace of mind from a child custody investigation, our testimonials show a few of the proven techniques used in the cases below:

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“Chris was excellent. I came to find Magnum Investigations through a general Google search, and after another company would not return my phone calls when I attempted to hire them. Things happen for a reason because I found Chris. He promptly returned my call despite his being away on vacation. He kept me updated in real time during his active surveillance. He updated me in detail after each period of surveillance. He returned my texts, phone calls and emails promptly. This was all over a period of 2 months and several dates of surveillance. He was always quick to respond. His reports were thorough and irrefutable. Most importantly, Chris was personally invested and I didn’t feel like just another client or customer. He listened to my concerns and got to know me personally. I felt that he had my best interests in mind and took the time to get to know me. My entire dealings with him were great and I would hire Chris again. I would also highly recommend his service. PS. His services yielded a positive outcome in my custody dispute. There is no price tag for that.”

Michael C. – Bedminster Township, NJ

“I only wanted to know the truth. I don’t need anything for court. I didn’t know which pi company to hire so I called two places. When I spoke to this company they really seemed like they wanted to understand my problem more than just trying to charge my credit card. When they were investigating they kept me updated regularly. I was happy when they were successful in getting the proof I needed. If anybody is thinking of hiring an investigator I would tell you to hire this one.”

Justin F. – Avalon, NJ

“Chris at Magnum Investigations, LLC was extremely helpful. I can definitely tell you he really cares about you as a person, not just as the next customer, the next paycheck. If you’re on the fence about hiring them, have your free 30 min consult, you won’t be sorry. Even that information (given during the consult) is invaluable!”

Danielle M. – Ambler, PA

“If you ever need to figure out the truth about something I recommend magnum investigations. I called Chris and he explained everything so clearly. I changed my mind at first because I was afraid of spending the money and the investigators not finding anything. Chris was not irritated that I cancelled and he still gave me advice. 2 weeks later I decided to hire them. Chris was able to get me the proof so the money was so worth it. I think this company is really good.”

Makenzie A. – Hamilton Township, NJ

“These guys are CHEATER HUNTERS. Worth every penny. I thought I had a plan, but they went above and beyond what I asked to get the information I needed. They told ME how the target was going to act, and they were right. Their law enforcement and investigative experience were crucial.”

Matt H. – Belmar, NJ

“I am writing this review to express my sincere gratitude to Chris for all that he did for me during one of the most stressful and painful times in my life. His professionalism and guidance, at a time when I questioned myself, helped me to accept my ex husband’s affair and then begin to move on with my life. Because of Chris’ diligent surveillance, I have no doubt about the decisions I made afterwards. He provided me with irrefutable proof that strengthened my resolve. He even called to check in on me periodically afterwards. At a time when I felt like my whole world was tumbling down around me, his concern was truly appreciated. I highly recommend his services and while I hope never to need him again, I will be sure to call him if need be. Thanks so much, Chris!”

Michelle B. — Colts Neck, NJ

“Chris at Magnum Investigations, LLC literally saved me from going down a road of much pain and destruction. I could never thank him enough for finding the truth in my situation. He is an amazing human being who goes above and beyond what his services provide.

First, he took so much time speaking with me to fully understand the situation and gather all necessary information. He definitely made me feel like a priority and truly cared about my situation. I felt like he was family helping me.

He was amazingly thorough and confidential and never pressured me into working with him. I didn’t hesitate because he made me feel so comfortable.

He was able to get me the information I needed so quickly and I was so pleased with the overall experience. He really made an extremely difficult time more bearable. He talked me through everything and provided the exact strength and advice I needed and in the end truly saved me from my situation in time before I could have truly been hurt.

He also followed up to see how I was doing and handling the information.

He really knows his stuff and he really knows people. He is a true GEM and I would recommend him and his company to anyone.

Do not hesitate to call because he just may save your future.”

JM K – Basking Ridge, NJ

“Chris was amazing to work with in a very difficult and drawn out infidelity situation. He combines brutal honesty with extreme compassion to help you get the professional results you need to make informed decisions and move forward with confidence. He made a very difficult process much easier to cope with. While I hope to never NEED his services again, if I ever do, Chris and his team at Magnum will be my first choice hands down. Thank you Chris for everything.”

Beth E. – Doylestown, PA

“Chris was very compassionate about my situation and knew exactly how to profile my ex-husband who was abusing my kids on his visitation. He caught him engaging in illegal activity and I was able to obtain a certified criminal background check that I could use in court as well. I am very pleased with his communication and efforts.”

Ariel S. – Brick Township, NJ

“Over the past few years I have been suspicious that my ex was cohabitating. I am stuck in a lifetime alimony situation. I am a woman paying alimony to a man. I had considered getting a PI to investigate and had called Magnum 3 times over a 2-year period to discuss what this would entail, but did not go through with it. I finally decided to call again. Chris immediately got on the phone and again, took the time to educate me on how cohabitation is proved, the recent changes in law, and the intensity of what surveillance would take place. He spent about 45 minutes on the phone with me. I just wanted to make “sure” that I had a case that would be worth investing the time and the money. In addition, Chris was very honest of the costs of an investigation. It is an investment. After speaking with him, I decided that I would be remiss if I did not proceed with the investigation. Needless to say, it was quite enlightening. Seeing the frequency of the cohabitation and “lifestyle” my ex is leading was much more than I had thought. You need to know that Chris kept me very much in the loop on surveillance nights. He continued to educate on what the court expectations would be from the investigation. Chris made himself available to speak to my attorney at any time in order to support our case. I read the other reviews of Chris – the reviews are ALL TRUE and I must say I agree that he does become a very supportive “friend” while this process is taking place – it is an intense experience. Needless to say I feel that Chris did an outstanding job. Magnum is worth the costs – he works hard for his clients.”

Pippi L. — Beach Haven, NJ

“Thank you to Chris and his team they have helped me more then anyone could know. Chris is very professional and was there for me through my whole situation. Thank you again Magnum Investigations for getting the results that I needed and I would highly recommend Chris and his team to anyone in need of a private investigator.”

Stephanie D. — New Hope, PA

“I have been suspecting my boyfriend of cheating for months now, so I contacted magnum investigators to confirm my suspicions. I spent an hour on the phone with Chris-discussing my issue, their process and filling out the paperwork- I then signed the contract and put a schedule in place. However, less than 12 hours later my boyfriend and I ended up breaking up, when I pushed him about how often we would see each other once his schedule died down (it’s his busy season now) and his commitment to the relationship. I contacted Chris, saying I would no longer need his services, he couldn’t have been more accommodating, compassionate and understanding. He still kept my original surveillance appointments scheduled as the breakup is still “raw” and will cancel them in 48 hours unless he hears from me. I would definitely use magnum investigations if need be in the future.”

Ben — South Plainfield, NJ

“If I could give this company ten stars I would. Chris was absolutely amazing during this difficult time. I was not sure if my husband was still being dishonest and I needed to find out the truth. I spoke with Chris and not only did he help me uncover that my husband was truly dishonest, he also consoled me throughout the process. I was not always the easiest person to deal with because I was so deeply upset. However, at the end of the day the decision to hire this company was the best one of my life. Because now I have closure in this situation and I can move on with my life and possibly someday be with someone who treats me with respect, honesty, and love that I deserve. Thank you Chris!”

Ali M. — Monmouth Junction, NJ

“Dear Chris, I am very impressed with the way you dealt with me from the first call I made. Thank you for clearing my doubts. Such great quality and precise video, capturing the very crucial few seconds. I will recommend you to all who are looking for help in NJ and PA. Very very impressed. Reports and video were of great quality and kept your words on the dates…and spending the extra hours.”

Jo C. — Jackson Township, NJ

“Dear Chris, Thank you again for finding our daughter. The not knowing was killing us. Thanks to you we now know the truth even if it hurts us. We can only hope and pray she leaves him and returns home soon. Big Mahalo to a job well done. Thanks and forever grateful.”

Kevin & Barb — Edison, NJ

“We cannot thank Chris and his team enough. What an outstanding job from beginning to end, very professional kept us updated on every aspect of the investigation. Although we did not get the answer we had hope for Chris provided us with the truth. We highly recommend Magnum Investigations.”

Barbara P. — Kennett Square, PA

“Chris and his team are a very talented group of professional investigators. Chris listened to my situation and conducted an investigation which provided the information I needed. Chris kept me informed at all times on their progress, via email, phone and text. I never felt he was not attentive or not reachable during the process. I highly recommend Chris and his team for anyone in need of a serious investigation. They are the real deal.”

Maria C. — Moorestown, NJ

“The professional team at Magnum Investigations were diligent and attentive to my situation. Chris was in constant contact with me during his investigation. Chris and his team got me the results that I so needed. I would highly recommend this firm worth every penny. Thank you Chris!!!!!”

Sue K. — Media, PA

“As you know, I tried going the cheap way by hiring a less expensive agency; boy was that a mistake. The NJ private investigator from the other company had gotten caught on the very first day! I then felt helpless and thought I had missed my chance. You had devised a strategy that provided me hope. Within two weeks I received a call from your agency telling me that you had caught my wife having an affair. Although I was hopeful, I truly didn’t think I was going to catch her after the last investigator had gotten caught; Your company certainly exceeded my expectations and provided me with the Peace of Mind that I desperately needed. Thank you so much Chris…your team of professionals were amazing.”

Darren – Old Bridge, NJ

“Magnum did exactly what they promised to do. Chris was very responsive and had great communication!”

Kay H. — Manahawkin, NJ

“Chris, Thank you so much for EVERYTHING you have done, are doing, and will be doing for me regarding this mess I’m involved in. I really do appreciate it and I’m thankful- beyond words. I knew you were the one, if anyone, who could help me out with this situation. If my attorney recommended you, then you had to be good. After talking to you that first time, I knew by your professional experience and the passion in your voice when you talked about your work, that you were the right one for this job. I just wish I was better off, financially, so I could have you and your team watch as much as I wanted, but, like you said, “all in time”. Thanks for the compliment too. I can tell by my conversations with you that you really take a genuine interest in the people you work with (like me). That means so much to me to hear you say those things. Thanks for the offer on advice, who knows, when I do need some I will take you up on that offer. Right now I’m doing fine. I need to work more on other tasks now, like compiling a list of helpers who could come to my house for two hours a day to help out with the chores and kids, the report for my attorney, compiling facts and evidence to him to use in my case, anything and everything that will put the chance of soul custody in my favor- and it’s looking pretty good now, especially with the shift in the court system being more for the father these days. Thanks once again. Once more, words can not describe my feelings of gratitude, thankfulness, and overwhelming happiness for all that you have done (and will continue to do in the future).”

Best Regards, Ken — Toms River, NJ

“Magnum Investigation was extremely professional on every level. From the initial phone call, asking every detail about my situation, keeping me calm, to the final report. The time line and details were exceptional. I had my suspicions and Magnum Investigations provided me with everything I needed. I highly recommend their professional services.”

Jon — Plymouth Meeting, PA

“Yes Chris I do totally appreciate you rearranging your schedule to accommodate my request. I realize it is last minute – I wish I would have known sooner, for this type of work that must be the nature of the beast. I also appreciate you working with me regarding the price. Thanks again for your help with this difficult and life-changing situation. It has been nice to have someone to talk to about it.”

Beth — Farmingdale, NJ

“Dear Chris, Thank you for the latest and final update. You have been very professional and thorough from the onset and as much as I would like to have known that Ilene was cohabiting, the fact that she’s not, does bring a sort of closure (except for the permanent alimony). The courtesy you have extended to me regarding the fee is most appreciated but you earned it. Should you decide it was too much, please let me know.”

Regards, Jack — Freehold Township, NJ

“Chris, I want to start by saying thank you for all that you have done. You are the best; and the kids and I greatly appreciate all of your efforts. Thanks for all of your help (and apparently a ton of patience lately). I am sure you have had to handle difficult cases before. For me personally, this is overwhelming and I am putting my trust in you to do what is necessary with the utmost security of not being detected. Thanks for you understanding and cooperation with my requests. I appreciate your assistance in this matter and your respect for my feelings regarding this whole matter. To say I am nervous is an understatement!!!! Thank you again.”

Sincerely, Peggy — Monroe Township, NJ

“I never thought I would catch my husband. He made me feel like I was crazy; I knew it was happening but I just couldn’t prove it. Thank you for giving me the proof I needed”

Lisa – Morristown, NJ

“What can I say Chris, you and your child custody investigators were a Godsend. I knew my ex-husband was using drugs and putting my children in a dangerous situation but I didn’t have proof. I unsuccessfully petitioned the court to order my ex-husband have supervised visitation; without proof the judge didn’t want to hear it. You and your agency built such solid child custody case and documented his drug use; my attorney was more shocked than I was. We went into court with the proof and the judge ordered my ex-husband supervised-visitation. Now I can rest knowing that my children will not be put in harms way….”

Elizabeth – Princeton, NJ

“…Your agency is inequitably the most professional investigative agency I have ever retained.  Our firm has been utilizing your investigative services for the better part of three years; the most astounding thing of it all is that every single case that you have handled for us has been successful.  Whenever an opportunity presents itself I refer your agency to other attorneys.  Keep up the good work because you make my job much easier.”

Richard, Esq. – Manalapan, NJ

“I was reluctant in hiring an investigation company in that I was concerned about anyone learning of my situation; being a professional athlete, in of itself, is difficult because we are held to a higher standard.  The media notoriously exploits the personal lives of professional athletes, as they do with public figures, actors, etc., for headline news.  I decided to retain your company; specifically the V.I.P Service and I felt completely comfortable from the onset.  You provided me with the personal customized attention that I needed but most importantly you had safeguards in place to assure confidentiality.  Professional- That word describes your company best.  I much appreciate the fact that you understand that certain individuals in our society have a certain need for a service that ensures added layers of confidential protection and customized awareness….”

Jon – Mount Laurel, NJ

“I want to take this moment to personally thank you for the warm welcome when I initially called for your cheating detective services. I was nervous and did not know what to say. You made me feel very comfortable so that I could tell you what my real needs were, explaining my pros and cons of initiating surveillance. Your professionalism, honesty, and work ethic are unmatched. You provided me with details and updates and customized my services to my own personal situation. I would hire you again if I had to, but most importantly I would DEFINITELY! recommend you to others. There are not enough nice or commendable words to describe the affordable and quality services rendered from Magnum Investigations. Thank You !!!!”

Marion – Keansburg, NJ

“Chris I am very impressed with the details in your report.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff immensely for working so hard and long hours – and also at a very short notice.  You were very helpful – not only in what I needed to do to speed things up but also moral support was given when I was getting emotional!  You were truly a godsend when I needed someone. (my brother).  You know we have a Raakhi day coming up where a sister ties a thread on her brother’s right arm and the brother vows to take care of his sister!  So in essence you have protected me!  Let’s hope that now all that information can come in useful in my situation.  I would surely recommend you and most definitely use your NJ Private Investigators again.  Thank you so much.”

Raksha – Somerset, NJ

“Good Morning, I just want to thank you again.  I think I am already feeling liberated just having seen the pictures.  Again, thank you so much! … Take Care,”

Pauline – Denville, NJ

“Hi Chris, …I want to thank you for all you have done for me and especially the support.  You truly are a special person and I definitely will recommend you to my peers.  Maybe you can do work for me when I become an attorney.  Thanks again Chris take care”

Sarah – Hainesport, NJ

“Hi Chris, I was going through the attachments again.  Just wanted to thank you for a job well done!  You sure got me what I needed.  Although this doesn’t help me with the trauma that I’m going through it will certainly help me get out of it.  Thanks again,”

Priyu – Robbinsville, NJ

“I’ll be happy to take calls from prospective clients- [Chris]was great and patient with a situation that narrows peoples vision to their raw emotion.  Chris was truly professional, and took the time before money was even mentioned, to find out what was going on, propose a game plan, and make me feel comfortable with a surreal situation.  One never expects to be hiring this service when it comes to someone you thought you trusted.  [Chris] always returned my calls, and was reachable.  I didn’t feel pressured, and he didn’t take any unnecessary chances.  [Chris] was strategic on how he utilizes the retainer for the best results, and doesn’t take spending money frivolously.  I would recommend [Chris] immediately to someone I knew if I thought they needed this service.”

Meredith – Saddle River, NJ

“Chris, thank you so much for all you did for me… I felt so safe when I was in contact with you… You are such a good person, I don’t know what my future holds for me but I know that I can face the truth and try to put my life in better direction.”

Lisa – Neshanic Station, NJ

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IMPORTANT: There are many companies offering Investigative Services who are NOT Licensed Investigators and are therefore operating illegally. Therefore be careful and demand that the company provide you with their License Number and then verify it through New Jersey at (609) 633-9352 or New York at (212) 417-5800; in PA you must contact the Clerk of Courts in the County where the company claims to be located.

A photo of a cheating spouse captured by Magnum Investigations private investigator serving NJ and PA.

Cheating Spouse

Surveillance specialists trained to remain undetected.

If you hire a private investigator to catch your cheating spouse, you can’t afford for the investigator to get caught. Most other companies are one-man operations and generally get caught.

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Child Custody

A 92% success rate with child custody investigations.

The combination of Law Enforcement background, understanding of case law, Specialized Surveillance Skills, compassion and understanding of the emotions that the client is dealing with is a recipe for success that no other company has.

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Why pay your ex alimony if she/he is living with a new partner?

Those who invest in a Private Investigator for Alimony usually end up saving tens, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars with an Alimony Reduction or a Revocation as a result of our co-habitation investigations.

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5 Tips When Hiring a Private Investigator

As the owner of a 15+ year old investigation agency, these are my 5 best tips for someone considering video surveillance.

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