Flame Addiction & Infidelity: Messing with Fire

Arguably the best part of a relationship is its beginning. The exploration and discovery phase can be an enveloping experience.

You peel back the layers of a personality to learn what makes them tick, then discuss your life, passions, pitfalls, despairs, and desires with them.

Not surprisingly, this novelty alters your brain chemistry to want to spend more time with this new flame.

When you meet someone new, especially as an adult, it creates a rare opportunity in which you have a chance to present yourself on your terms rather than those already set by your friends, family, and history. Sharing your favorite pieces of art and pop culture with someone new establishes a new experience.

While the example above delves into personality, you can apply it to physical and carnal desires.

But that clean canvas, blank slate approach only lasts so long with a relationship before a shared history starts to form a foundation and dictate expectations.

Long-term partnerships often fall into the rut of routine. If a relationship stands still, it can spoil, sour, or go stale. That’s when dopamine fades, and it may lead a spouse to venture outward, seeking a new start with another person.

You may conclude that cheating can become an addiction at the biological level.

Finding a way to inject fresh elements and experiences into one’s relationship is the best mechanism to maintain intimacy and affection in a long-term monogamous relationship.

Are you concerned that your spouse may have started something new without you? Are you afraid to find out the truth?

Our NJ private detectives will assist you in finding out.

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