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Breaking the Bubble of a New Relationship

When experiences are new, they capture a vibrancy that radiates in a manner that makes you want to keep engaging with them.

It is the inherent beauty of exploring new destinations, finding a style of cuisine you’ve never tried, having a different genre of music click with you, or on a simpler level, buying the shirt that makes you look the way you wish you always do.

This phenomenon doesn’t only apply to places and things, but also people. When you connect with someone initially, there’s a sort of magic that takes place. At least for a little while, that newfound relationship feels purely serendipitous, a lucky dice roll of the cosmos resulting in shared interests, free-flowing conversations, and joyful times.

Those feelings of euphoria get magnified when the people involved are pushing the boundaries, from friendly circumstances to a more intimate and romantic threshold.

In those initial phases, a suspension of disbelief occurs. This person represents everything you’ve ever wanted, and they get you in a way that few, if any, ever have. They’re the key that unlocks your happiness. So, as a result, you shed your protective armor, and let your guard down. After all, this person makes you feel safe, protected, comfortable in your skin.

However, if you’ve done this before, you know that the perfect bubble will inevitably burst.

Just like when your vacation reaches its conclusion, you start sensing homesickness, that food doesn’t taste as good, that song starts to irritate you, and that clothing begins to show wear.

When that buzz starts to fade, it can be challenging to crash back down to reality. The benefit is that you can look forward to the next vacation, restaurant, concert, etc.

The problem is that in a relationship, that next phase is when everyone’s worts begin to show, and things get real.

If all goes well, the connection becomes deep.

But what happens if once that honeymoon phase fades, the other person doesn’t like what they see? What if they decide just like that song that was music to your ears during the summer, your relationship is played out?

What if they feel that way but fail to inform you and instead start looking for the next new thing?

Worse yet, what if they’ve found it and are keeping it a secret from you?

That’s where we come in…

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