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Cheating Activity Increases During Spring and Summer

Cheating Spouse Summer BeachAs the demoralizing effects of winter gradually subside and the inviting months of spring and summer emerge, individuals look to break free from the familiar confines of their homes – and in many cases the familiar confines of an existing relationship via an affair.

When the seasons change, the sun is out for a heavier duration of the day; brightening our moods and increasing our energy both symbolically and chemically within the brain. Increases in serotonin will make most people happier as will an overall increase in physical activity, particularly of the outdoor variety with a boost from the sunshine.

Furthermore, better weather coincides with less clothing. As we shed the layers, more skin is exposed and revealing clothing is sure to draw the attention of potential suitors. The winter, at times, can be a depressive period and the change of season can be the jumpstart that your body needs to feel confident.

So, let’s add this up. Warmer weather leads to a better mood and an increase in energy, which can cause a stronger sex drive. And then on top of all that, people are wearing more provocative clothing, going on more vacations and enjoying nightlife more frequently. Throughout the years and in our experience, this is the perfect recipe for infidelity to occur and it’s the time of year when we see the biggest spike in cheating cases.

Now there is a major distinction that traditionally separates men and women in their search for an alternative mate. Men begin with the physical aspect, seeking attractive, younger woman who represent a simpler and less demanding relationship. Contrarily, women tend to look for older men who can support them emotionally and financially, which inevitably leads to a physical relationship. Often this is why business trips to warm weather locations are the starting point of a workplace affair or ideal place for a one-night stand.

While many individuals think that infidelity can reinvigorate their legitimate relationship by exposing its flaws and creating avenues of recuperation, it is more often that an affair and the resulting broken trust is the obvious cause that crumbles a relationship.

The warmer weather has a tendency to awaken the sleeping bear of sexuality. If you feel that your relationship is becoming more strained as the weather becomes nicer, it is not a good combination. That coupled with an existing feeling that cheating is occurring should drive you to have a discussion with a professional investigator, as they will be able to better understand your specific situation.

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