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Child Custody Cases: Remember Your Documentation

private-investigator-New-Jersey-300x213In order to win a child custody trial, you have to provide solid documentation of one’s parental capabilities and fitness. Details such as parenting skills, daily interactions between parent and child, participation in school and medical appointments, availability, past conduct, and more will be under close examination during a child custody case. Keeping a detailed record of such things will most definitely help in your preparation for the case. You may be wondering when you should start documentation. Well, we have a few things to look out for before you make that decision.

  1. The other parent is inconsistent when it comes to your prearranged visitation schedule.
  2. You notice a negative pattern in your child’s behavior or emotions after spending time with the other parent.
  3. The other parent is threatening to take legal action against you.
  4. You are concerned about your child’s physical well-being in the other parent’s care.

At this point you can take detailed notes yourself, or hire a child custody private investigator from Magnum Investigations, LLC. Doing both would be most efficient, bettering your chances for getting documentation that demonstrates you are more suited to be your child’s guardian. However, to ensure your documentation is optimal, choosing the best New Jersey private investigator is the first task you must do. Secondly, you should make sure your own records are detailed, accurate, consistent, and maintain an objective tone to state indisputable facts. Child custody cases can be stressful and tasking, but we at Magnum Investigations hope to ease that process for you.

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