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Cracking the Code: Person vs. Persona

How well you know someone and can interpret their actions may be a matter of perspective and circumstance. This is why the dating landscape is often difficult to navigate.

Let’s say that you meet a stranger at a bar, they seem carefree, or is that merely a byproduct of the environment? They’ve had a few drinks, which isn’t a problem because its the weekend, they’re with their friends who endorse them as a good person, all positive signs.

So what’s the problem? There isn’t a visible red flag.

However, the issue is not what you see; it’s what you don’t know.

The beginning of many relationships thrives on the unknown as couples learn more about each other. This period of discovery seems adventurous as you reach benchmarks or stages that if they go off without a hitch propel you forward. Things start off fast and hopefully stay fun as you progress at an organic rate into more serious territory.

Having a good time together is the basis for a relationship. But keep in mind that people, especially in the early stages of a relationship, often present their best self. In theory, it’s an excellent strategy to be on your best behavior to make a solid initial impression.

The pitfall is if that person is creating a fictional persona that dramatically differs from the reality which they present to the rest of the world.

When everything is going right, a person may be able to turn on the charm. However, everyone has their bad days, skeletons and setbacks. These flaws don’t have to be catastrophic or game-changing, but we all know that they exist. Some would even say that they’re what separates us and makes us unique.

Ideally, over time, as your significant other reveals their true nature and you see what they are at their core, these are minor revelations.

However, sometimes they’re purposefully hiding things for a reason.

Is everything going relatively well, but something seems amiss, and your spouse won’t speak up or let you in on their secrets? Let us crack the code of who they are when you’re not around.

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