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Fantasy Football: Reality or a Cheater’s Lie?

Fantasy football is a game that those who participate in really embrace for various reasons.

For many, it’s an excuse to follow the entire NFL rather than rooting for a single team. Participating in a fantasy football league is particularly appealing if your favorite team isn’t getting anywhere near the “playoffs,” as Jim Mora infamously exclaimed.

As you get older and see friends and family more infrequently, it’s an excuse to stay connected, too. The days of real competition on the playing field are merely memories now as an adult. But, the competitive spirit remains strong as we each manage a made-up team of pro players that grind it out on the gridiron of the internet. The teams may be a fantasy, but the bragging rights of victory are firmly planted in reality.

However, fantasy sports for those who are not bitten by the bug can easily be construed as a frivolous waste of time and money, particularly by your significant other. That time can be better spent on more pressing issues like errands, household maintenance, or simply lounging by reading a book.

A spouse’s eyes may glaze over, and their ears tune out when this alternative reality becomes a topic of discussion.

On the days when the league gets together to draft or spend Sunday watching games, drinking beer, and eating greasy food, your spouse may see that as a welcome break to:

  • Catch up on their favorite show
  • Go shopping
  • Spend a day with friends

Everyone, even a loving couple, needs a break from time to time. It’s healthy, especially if it’s mutually beneficial. Absence for even a day makes the heart grow fonder.

However, what if this fantasy league is just that, an illusion?

It might be a setup to dull your keen interest and allow your spouse to carve extended periods, on the internet, on the phone, and a day every week when their time is accounted for but simultaneously off the grid.

Wouldn’t that be an excellent front to have an affair? Sounds like a lot of trouble, but it could be the perfect lie, one that you’ll never uncover.

Maybe you know some of the other people in the league, and assume it’s real. But what if they quit the league without telling you?

Contact us, and we’ll help you separate the facts from the fiction.

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