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How a Solo Private Investigator Can Get Caught

Detective-300x221When looking to hire a private investigator from NJ for a cheating, child custody, or alimony case, one of the most important factors is choosing a service that provides you with multiple investigators, rather than a solo detective. By having several private investigators working on your case, it will ensure that your case gets solved without the risk of getting caught.

A solo investigator is likely to make mistakes that a trained team of professional private investigators have learned to avoid. For example, if one investigator is sitting inside of his vehicle for extended periods of time his vehicle will likely draw suspicion among neighbors which will certainly result in the police being called and informing the caller that it is a Private Investigator; the neighbor will then tell the other neighbors including the target of the investigation. Another example, if one investigator attempts to follow someone alone the individual will eventually look in their mirrors and see the same car tailing him/her.

A solo investigator also may not have enough resources to effectively track your ex’s every move. It can be exhausting for one person to constantly watch where your ex goes and who he or she meets up with. A skilled private investigator team of detectives can easily work in shifts and in different locations in order to collect the best evidence for your case.

If you don’t want your investigator to be caught like a deer in the headlights, you should look into hiring a professional team of trained private investigators to acquire the information that you need.

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