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Not So Social Media

Social media has drastically changed the mechanisms and manner in which individuals communicate. Furthermore, it has shifted our ideas of community.

Now, on one hand, the internet allows us the ability to interact with others instantly despite being physically separated over vast distances. However, the argument has and continues to be made that social media has caused a lapse in actual socializing, one in which individuals substitute virtual screen interaction (via smartphone, computer etc) for time that had previously been spent outside the friendly confines of one’s home with friends and family.

In essence, why should you or I take the time and money to make plans with each other to meet for a meal or activity, when we can maintain a connection online?

It’s easier to schedule since you simply need access, you don’t need to drive, dress up or even compromise on a type of cuisine. We’ll each have food delivered to our respective homes and wear whatever’s comfortable and no one has to split any checks. It’s customization and convenience at its finest. Everybody’s happy, we all eat what we want, and hey you even have a drink a two if you want, after all nobody’s driving anywhere.

But there is that one pesky sticking point, in this circumstance you never really see anybody. Maybe your desire to relax as a home body is achieved and this eliminates the potential pressures of introducing yourself to strangers, but at same time sitting on your couch can get old quickly. You have nobody to impress, but yourself. Now wait a minute, can’t you use these “social” platforms to met people.

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