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Surveillance Case Study: Southern Rendezvous

Our client indicated that her husband decided not to go on a family vacation because he instead needed to stay home to work. A few days before the client was to leave for her trip, her husband indicated that he would visit his male friend for a few days in a Southern State.

However, when the client asked him for an itinerary, he was very evasive and delayed in providing one. Two days before her departure, her husband finally provided a copy of a very cheap one-way airline reservation and stated he wasn’t sure when exactly he would return. He booked the most affordable ticket he could find for no other reason than an attempt to throw his wife off his trail.

Not long after the client had landed at her destination, our investigators followed her husband from their marital residence to another residence, where he picked up a female and loaded her luggage into the trunk of his vehicle. The investigators followed the two of them to an International Airport, where they captured very incriminating videos and photographs of their affectionate relationship. The investigators observed them eating at an airport restaurant where his girlfriend kept romantically caressing his back.

After eating & drinking together at the airport restaurant, they headed towards their gate. They first stopped to use the restrooms. She stayed with their bags while he went into the Men’s Room, and when he returned, she stood up, and they began hugging romantically. She then went into the Ladies Room while he remained with their bags. While she was using the Restroom, he started texting. Later we learned from our client she received the text, and it was him telling her that he loves her.

When she returned, they continued walking to their departure Gate. It was amazing that they felt secure in expressing their affection towards each other once past security, thinking there was a low probability of anyone they knew seeing them.

Our investigators executed the surveillance with caution and precision because not only did they have no idea they were under surveillance, but the investigators were able to obtain video documentation without drawing suspicion from others.

The investigators captured videos and photographs up to the minute they entered the plane to their Southern rendezvous. As you can see, they used the Boarding Passes on their respective phones and then boarded the plane. Only very skilled investigators would be able to obtain video without the targets of the investigation detecting them and doing so without raising suspicions amongst the hundreds of other travelers within the terminal.

Typically, the investigators would venture to the destination and continue the surveillance because the value of the opportunity to obtain video documentation of the affection and intimacy is priceless. However, our client requested that the investigators did not follow them on the trip. The investigators were able to determine when they would return and successfully video documented them upon their return. They drove to the female’s residence, where he never exited the vehicle but instead dropped her off and returned to his home. The client was not expected to return for another three days.

The very next morning, the investigators arrived in the marital home area and set up strategic stationary surveillance positions to not raise suspicion amongst the neighbors. The investigators anticipated his departure, at which point they planned on following him to see if he would meet his girlfriend. There was no activity for several hours.

Then at 4:05 pm, a vehicle arrived and parked curbside in front of the residence; the door opened, and the girlfriend exited carrying what appeared to be a bag of food. She was wearing a nice dress and wedge heels. Her hair was done nicely, she had lipstick on, a large pocketbook over her left shoulder, and carrying what appeared to be take-out food.

The investigators were shocked that she was brazen, and he was that reckless to have her vehicle parked in front of the marital home. She then began walking towards his driveway as he had exited his garage. They looked at each other with large smiles on their faces, and he greeted her halfway down the driveway. They were careful enough not to display affection. They then walked into the garage and closed the garage door. A few hours later, it became dark, and his girlfriend was still inside the residence.

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