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Valentine’s Day for Private Investigators

Valentine's Day Flowers for CheatersWith Valentine’s day just around the bend, individuals tend to place a larger focus on their romantic lives. When their relationships fall under a more powerful microscope, people may start becoming suspicious of their spouses.

Does the relationship seem to have hit an emotional wall? Are you spending less quality time together as a couple? How does your spouse spend your time apart?

Valentine’s Day serves as a benchmark for evaluating the status of many relationships. While it is a day filled with an exuberant amount of grand gestures, the short-term window that precedes and follows February 14th is the real time frame in which cheaters flourish.

It is often falsely perceived that Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to catch a cheater red-handed, but this is a myth that is further perpetuated by inexperienced private investigators looking to make a quick dollar. They do so by preying on emotionally ravaged individuals who are looking for answers that will grant them closure or relief, and the ability to move forward in their romantic lives.

However, smart cheaters see through this logic, and will hold back on this baited trap.

While an inexperienced investigator may simply monitor a suspected cheater on this day alone, and move on after seeing no foul play; an experienced detective recognizes that an investigation is an exercise in evaluation, understanding the habits and patterns of a subject. Because of this, surveillance is often needed over a longer period so that the patterns can emerge.

Don’t let false promises, quick fixes, and cheap rates dictate whom you hire. You get what you pay for and while price may be a leading factor in your decision-making process, don’t let it lead you to a quack in lieu of quality.

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