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The Wrong Path To Reinvention

child_custody_investigationsReinventing yourself after a breakup or divorce can be an awakening experience, one which allows an individual to re-wire their activities and mindset to (in large part) start over. Maybe there was certain things that you were interested in that your ex prevented you from exploring; now without the weight of judgement, you feel free to reach out into the unknown parts of the world and see what it has to offer,

These periods of exploration carry an optimistic approach, one that feels open to possibilities. However, what if these desires to test the waters prove hazardous. Often when we discuss or suggest the concept of personal exploration, we mean investing time and energy meaningfully into yourself. But what if your responsibilities go beyond just you and onto others, i.e. if children are involved?

Unfortunately while many individuals take the opportunity to wipe life’s slate with an infectious enthusiasm, others will head down a negative path, one which is steered by substances and other troubling behaviors. In these situations, the opposing parent needs to take action; aiming to augment standard child custody so that their children can remain safe and sound.

One of the best ways to demonstrate the need to augment a child custody agreement is to present documentation of the types of behavior, which place your children in danger. A private investigator, particularly one using video/photographic surveillance, can illustrate your case. Displaying a series of footage which can amount to a pattern or habit of behaviors.

While finding yourself after a breakup can be a rewarding and valuable experience. Sometimes, people take a wrong turn and get lost along the way. If you think this situation may describe your former spouse, protect your child from potential harm and contact a private investigator whom may help to clarify the situation.

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