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The Secrets of Social Media

Sometimes, when you’re about to call someone, you pause and think, “Wouldn’t it be easier just to text?” That way, you can achieve your primary goal to make to contact but without the time and anxiety of prolonged conversation. The truth is, it’s more considerate because the other person responds at their convenience.

However, there are pitfalls to texting. One common complaint is the absence of tone.

Is the person on the other end being genuine or sarcastic?

Is either of you invested, or is this merely the courtesy of prior familiarity?

Social media presents this same type of medium. It is an excellent tool to stay in touch with a wide variety of people with whom you’ve had friendship and a relationship with through:

  • School (high school, college, study abroad)
  • Jobs (summer, service, internship)
  • Activities & Interests (sports, music, cars)

The beauty is that it allows for social interaction in an on-demand yet passive manner. Going for lunch wouldn’t take that much time, but scheduling that time together is much more difficult. This way, everyone remains within arm’s length and yet at the same time comfortably far away.

The downside for a stable relationship is that you no longer need to head to the mysterious time warp of a class reunion to find out whatever happened to that guy or girl you had a crush on years ago.

Instead of requiring “liquid courage” to spark up a conversation, it can be done with a few taps of the phone anywhere with an internet connection.

You search their name, and just like that there’s a picture of them with their spouse? Oh wait, they’re single according to their status? I’ll message them and say hello, maybe see if they want to catch up over a cup of coffee?

Has your spouse recently been spending more time on social media? Do you believe they are reconnecting with long lost friends, but they’re telling you another story? Are you skeptical?

Maybe it’s innocent interest, or perhaps they’re trying to rekindle an old or unexplored flame. Contact us, and we’ll find a way to the truth.

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