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Cheating Right Under Your Nose

Your spouse could be cheating on you right now, under your watch, or more precisely their nose, via their cell phone.

As a society, we’ve become reliant and therefore tethered to pocket-sized computers that can also make calls, known as smartphones. As is the case in most circumstances, the problem isn’t technological advancement. It’s how we use it.

Secretive and Deceptive Communication

We’ve previously discussed how a cheater can use social media to reach out or reconnect with a past love interest. This type of situation could masquerade as an innocent catching-up before escalating into an emotional or physical affair.

Maybe they use social media to attain a phone number before jumping offline and shifting to direct text messages, disguising the deception under a made-up contact name.

However, that’s only the tip of the adultery iceberg.

What Apps are They Using?

There are a plethora of apps that allow users to hide their texts or calls. Some of these apps double-down on the trickery, utilizing benign icon-imagery as a decoy, masking the app’s sinister skeleton.

Another similar scenario is that your spouse is secretly using dating apps, but you can’t tell because, once again, they’ve altered the icon.

Uncover What’s Really Happening

Does something seem off in your relationship with your spouse less affectionate or communicative? Are they perpetually attached to and protective of their phone?

If you’re concerned that you don’t know the real story, contact our private investigation agency licensed in NJ & PA. We’ll do the hard work to find the missing pieces.

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