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Refreshing Life: With or Without You

We’re returning or re-acclimating to the routine of life as it somewhat appeared before the pandemic. That correlates to reentering the office instead of working remotely, returning to the gym, and going out to restaurants or bars.

In the big picture, the choices increase by the day. While it may seem that we’re trading the comforts of leisurewear for the professionalism of business attire, there are also the benefits of creating or distinguishing the boundaries between one’s work environment and their home life. After the extended pause of the pandemic, some may see this as a refreshing restart/reset point.

Given extended periods to consider one’s options, some may decide that they need a new car, a new healthy lifestyle including diet & exercise, a new wardrobe, or a new job.

There’s nothing wrong with a fresh start. These types of changes are often positive if it increases one’s happiness.

However, if your spouse exhibits or demonstrates these changes in behavior but it doesn’t align with their standard course of action, it may trigger red flags.

Are they changing to improve or please themselves?

Or are these behaviors geared at impressing someone else?

If you’re concerned that your spouse hit the reset button to begin a game with a new partner, our cheating spouse surveillance will uncover the true reason behind those changes.

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